Aireloom Nimbus Pillow

Support Begins at the Top. Cool, calm, and relaxed – this pillow is a slice of the California lifestyle. Inside you’ll find high density visco elastic memory foam with an open cell structure that supports your head and neck without losing its signature shape. The outside of the material is lined with TENCEL New Age fabric. This ultra-conforming fabric is smooth to the touch and manages temperature keeping your head cool and relaxed. You’ve never used a pillow quite like this.

Conforming and responsive, the Aireloom Nimbus pillow provides luxurious support for most sleeping positions. The core of the pillow consists of durable and comfortable high density visco memory foam with an open cell structure design. The core is also ventilated so that it recovers quickly and does not trap heat. The ultra conforming outer knit liner features a blend of temperature managing Tencel material.

• The finished pillow measures approximately 17″×28″
• 3 Year limited warranty. Uplifting Support
• Perfect for Back and Side Sleepers
• Soft Cradling Visco
• Cool Natural Tencel Fiber
• Ideal Neck Support