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logo_sherwood_corporate4.pngOriginally from South Africa, the Ellman family has been in the bedding industry for three generations and has launched several highly successful mattress manufacturing companies.



Before leaving South Africa for the United States, Leon Ellman built the family bedding business, Softex Mattress, into a major force in the South African market. After moving to the U.S.A in the 1970’s, the family founded International Bedding. Over the next three decades, Leon, along with his sons Neil and Lance, built International Bedding into a top 10 bedding producer by focusing on strong values, a low cost structure and meeting the needs of its customers through superior service.

After bringing International Bedding to new heights, the family departed the company in 2007 to pursue opportunities in other industries.While working on their new ventures, the Ellman’s discovered innovative technologies, lean manufacturing methods and creative management practices.

Having spent their careers in the bedding industry, family conversations naturally led to brainstorming around how these practices could be combined with their experience to create a new approach to mattress manufacturing. Finally, in the spirit of true entrepreneurship, the family decided that their vision had the potential to up-end conventional wisdom and breathe new life into the conservative sleep-products industry.

Combining the latest innovations with their family’s lineage of delivering a great night’s sleep at affordable prices, Sherwood Bedding begins. Ever mindful that there is still an art to creating great sleep products, the company has not limited its investments to the latest technology. By recruiting talented craftsmen and leading designers, Sherwood’s mattresses are as beautiful and comfortable as they are technically advanced.

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With over 50 years of experience in mattress manufacturing, the Ellman family knows how to build exceptional bedding products that are globally competitive.

Combining state-of-the art technology with superior service and an unswerving commitment to quality and value at every price point, Sherwood Bedding is breathing new life into the staid and conservative sleep-products industry.

The executive team at Sherwood is comprised of some of the most experienced product designers, manufacturing pro’s and technologists from both inside and outside the mattress industry. This diverse leadership group was brought together specifically to re-invent mattress manufacturing in a way that improves quality while reducing both cost and environmental impact. This blank slate approach has led to the creation of manufacturing facilities that set a new standard of excellence and efficiency.


Sherwood’s factories feature state-of-the-art machinery, information systems and custom designed equipment. This investment in technology allows the staff to consistently craft beautiful, technically sophisticated mattresses that deliver superior value to consumers at a wide variety of price points.


All the technology in the world can’t deliver a better night’s sleep without quality raw materials. From organic, sustainable fibers to innovative naturally derived foams, Sherwood Bedding searches the globe for sustainable materials that enhance comfort. By eliminating waste and inefficiency in our manufacturing process, Sherwood can put more, higher quality materials into the finished product. The result…more value for the consumer.


Today, Sherwood has three ultra-efficient factories, one in Phoenix, AZ servicing the western U.S., one in Carrolton, TX servicing the central U.S., and one in Orlando, FL servicing the southeastern U.S. Additional locations have already been identified that will allow Sherwood Bedding to service retailers across the country within a few years. Each new location will be designed and equipped to the same high standards as our Phoenix, Carrolton, and Orlando facilities.


The Sherwood Bedding product assortment includes value, specialty and premium products. Each line is designed to deliver superior value over national brands at virtually any price point.
What is the Certi PUR-US® program?
This voluntary testing, analysis and certification program was developed by members of the global foam industry in response to an increase in sub-standard imported foams. Certi PUR-US® tests for durability, content and indoor emissions. Certi PUR-US is an extension of the European Certi PUR program developed in 2002 by EUROPUR, the association of European flexible polyurethane foam block manufacturers. Home furnishings items, such as upholstered furniture and mattresses, that carry the Certi PUR-US seal contain flexible polyurethane foam products that have been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to meet specific criteria for physical performance, indoor emissions and environmental stewardship.