Evolution is the process by which a basic design is improved to adapt to a changing environment.

Progress in material, environmental and physiological science has given the sleep engineers at Sherwood Bedding the inspiration and the means to evolve mattress design to a higher level. The result is mattresses that defy convention without sacrificing sumptuous comfort.

The Physiology of Sleep
The elegant machine that is the human body has a variety of needs in order to maximize rest and recovery during sleep. The lower back must be properly aligned and supported to prevent stiffness and pain. Shoulders and hips need pressure relief to enhance circulation and muscle recovery. The sleep environment must be kept at an optimum temperature throughout the night to avoid disrupting the circadian rythyms so critical to restorative rest. Older innerspring technologies and the low quality foams found in many national brands make it nearly impossible to satisfy these diverse needs in a single design. But new technologies along with unique natural materials have made those limitations a thing of the past.


Soy-Based Memory Foam
All memory foams are not created equal. Lower cost, lower density variants of this popular material do not provide the same conforming support or pressure relief as the premium, open cell memory foam used in EvoSleep® Mattresses. Not only does our memory foam provide a better quality, natural alternative to competitive products, it is one of the most breathable options available. A unique manufacturing process allows our memory foam to help equalize the temperature of your sleep environment so you can enjoy undisturbed slumber. Heavy weight natural Tencel stretch knit fabrics are included in the products. Our unique cover fabrics evoke old-world luxury, yet offer the advanced ergonomic features of a high performance material. Judicious use of advance fibers allow the fabric to stretch in four directions to enhance and enable the pressure relieving and support functions of the materials below the surface.

Quality Assurance
Sherwood Bedding’s manufacturing systems are some of the most advanced in the world. Our products have been rigorously tested to assure that it meets the highest global quality standards.

Naturally Safe
By utilizing the bedding industry’s only natural flame retardant materials, Sherwood® mattresses are compliant with over 17 international flammability standards. This extra level of protection provides peace of mind for your family without introducing toxic chemicals into the environment or your home.