Seaweed is the fuel of the sea and contains more nutrients than any other all-natural product. SeaCell™ fibers derive from high quality seaweed combined with natural cellulose. These special fibers define Halio®—part of the PureCare Elements™ sheet collection. Halio’s natural antioxidants nourish the body while reducing inflammation, introducing nutrients that revitalize and protect skin.

SeaCell sheets feature custom construction for the most comfortable night’s sleep:

-Our pocketed Precision-Fit™ corners provide a clean, crisp fit for each fitted sheet.
-A thick 1″ elastic cuff on the fitted sheet prevents your sheets from slipping off your mattress, making them ideal for standard or adjustable bases.
-Each pillowcase features a generous 8″ pocket, tucking your pillow in and keeping it in there.
-Our flat sheets are constructed with an extra 4″ on the width for complete coverage.

-Elements sheets feature a lush sateen weave for lavish comfort.
-Our Halio collection contains a blend of SeaCell and premium long staple cotton fibers for a soft, crisp sleep surface.

-SeaCell is an antioxidant-filled technical textile derived from seaweed extract and infused into Halio sheet sets to nourish the body and skin.

PureCare’s Halio sheet sets feature a sateen weave treated with antimicrobial silver chloride to inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew that cause deterioration, stains and odors on this product.