Originally from South Africa, the Ellman family has been in the bedding industry for three generations and has launched several highly successful mattress manufacturing companies.

Before leaving South Africa for the United States, Leon Ellman built the family bedding business, Softex Mattress, into a major force in the South African market. After moving to the U.S.A in the 1970’s, the family founded International Bedding. Over the next three decades, Leon, along with his sons Neil and Lance, built International Bedding into a top 10 bedding producer by focusing on strong values, a low cost structure and meeting the needs of its customers through superior service.

After bringing International Bedding to new heights, the family departed the company in 2007 to pursue opportunities in other industries.While working on their new ventures, the Ellman’s discovered innovative technologies, lean manufacturing methods and creative management practices.

Having spent their careers in the bedding industry, family conversations naturally led to brainstorming around how these practices could be combined with their experience to create a new approach to mattress manufacturing. Finally, in the spirit of true entrepreneurship, the family decided that their vision had the potential to up-end conventional wisdom and breathe new life into the conservative sleep-products industry.

Combining the latest innovations with their family’s lineage of delivering a great night’s sleep at affordable prices, Sherwood Bedding begins. Ever mindful that there is still an art to creating great sleep products, the company has not limited its investments to the latest technology. By recruiting talented craftsmen and leading designers, Sherwood’s mattresses are as beautiful and comfortable as they are technically advanced.

Student Specials

FACTORY SELECT Mattress Lines JUST for the students!

The Corsair Available in twin size only!

The Lumberjack Available in every size!

The Moonstone Available in every size and it’s memory foam!

REMEMBER….Not only are the mattresses discounted the Student Delivery is as well! Layaway is available! *restrictions apply